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Amazing Book Reviews: Two Jordan &Justine’s Weekend Adventures Books: Plants (Parts 1 and 2) and Go Go Green

Written and Created By Tanile Edwards and Latoya Edwards M.D.
Reviewed by: Tristan K., age 9
Published by Fire Flies Entertainment LLC
Recommended for ages 5 – 8 years old


Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures series has three different books, Wildlife (Parts 1 and 2), Plants (Parts 1 and 2) and Go, Go Green, about a brother and sister who are curious about science.  They live in a city and the adventures come from what they learn in the garden from their mom and what they learn from helping their neighborhood protect the environment.

In their Plants adventure, they learn about how plants grow, and why we need them to have a healthy body. Jordan and Justine also explain why plants need carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen, and how plants turn those things into energy.

On their Go Go Green adventure, they make a poster about saving the environment. They talk in both English and Spanish (a great way to introduce translations to kids) and they learn about solar energy and hybrid cars.

The books are good for younger kids because they weave science and environmental facts into the story and little kids go crazy for stories.

These books also are good for older kids who like science because they explain things like the photosynthesis of a plant, and the way some plants get water. It is different from most other books about this, because it explains the symbol for the things like [CO2,H2O,O2].

Even kids who don’t like science might like these books because they use interesting methods to keep the reader interested. In the Go Go Green book they use the Spanish translations to give the facts a new spin and in Plants they have a magical magnifying glass to help them with their adventures. The use of these creative methods of storytelling give the stories an interesting twist.

One thing I don’t like is that they call this book an adventure. Instead of what I expected (an action adventure), they describe things happening in their neighborhood or school and they list special facts and information related to science and the environment that relates to things that are happening.

You can find Go Go Green on Amazon using ISBN-10: 0978730267.  Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures: Wildlife Parts 1 & 2 is found using ISBN: 978-0-9787302-4-6 and Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures: Plants Parts 1 & 2, ISBN: 978-0-9787302-4-6