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How Rocket Learned to Read

How Rocket Learned to Read

By Tad Hills
Reviewed by Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor
Recommended for Ages 4 – 8

Do you remember the time when you were learning to read? I certainly do. As a pint-sized kindergartener, I remember sitting in our reading groups in class, reading aloud from a book about animals in a zoo. Well, instead of teaching humans to read, the book How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills is a story is entirely about animals. A young dog, Rocket, is playing around outside one day when he meets a bird who is eager to teach him how to read. At first, Rocket isn’t serious about reading; he enjoys playing more than spending time reading. However, Rocket soon becomes serious with his studies, and quickly is ready to read on his own.

Not only is this book fun to read, but the illustrations are also great, and cute, for the story. The author illustrates his own books, and the colorful pictures match up well with the words. I’d recommend this book for just about anyone: reluctant readers, early readers, and even adults! This is a great book to read along with Mom or Dad.

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