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Book Review of Beast Friends Forever: The Super Swap-O Surprise

By Nate Evans and Vince Evans
Reviewed by Ryan Traynor, age 12, California
Recommended for all ages, reading level ages 9 – 12

Beast Friends Forever: The Super Swap-O Surprise book cover

Beast Friends Forever: The Super Swap-O Surprise, by authors Nate Evans and Vince Evans is the second book in the Beast Friends Forever illustrated chapter book series. Although I had not read the first book in the series, I was able to pick this one up without missing a beat.  This book has a fun combination of humorous comic strips with a regular book format.  It includes funny misadventures that are sure to make you laugh!

Nine-year-old Zeke and his seven-year-old sister Hannah have a goofy, furry, beast named Otto living under Zeke’s bed. The beast comes from Triangle Island where he has a special ability to swap ordinary, every-day objects to objects from Triangle Island.  Zeke and Hannah experiment with Otto’s magical “Swap-O” ability to experience crazy adventures that they have to overcome.  They must use their wit to quickly avoid catastrophe.  Will they succeed?

I really liked this book because I enjoyed hearing the silly things that happened to Zeke and his sister.  The book made me laugh and sent my imagination soaring.  I thought the comic/story combination format was very interesting and added to the storyline.  It was easy to read and will help struggling readers get into the story.  The characters were memorable and made me want to follow them onto their next adventure.  This was a great book and one that I highly recommend!

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