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Book Review of Homework Helpers: Chemistry

by Greg Curran
Reviewed by Sean Traynor, Editor-in-Chief
Recommended for ages 12 and up

When you’re finding the time to do your homework in between talking to your friends and listening to music, the last thing on your mind is reading a book about a school subject.  When I picked up this book by Greg Curran, Chemistry, I gave a little shudder as I thought it would be adding to my school workload.  What I shortly realized is that this book didn’t add to my workload; it helped me to understand the concepts in my chemistry class much better and actually cut down on my studying time.  In addition, the level of panic that came from an upcoming test was reduced as I knew that I understood the material on a much deeper level. I can also use this book as a quick refresher before I take my SAT chemistry subject test.

This book is the newest addition to the Homework Helpers series of educational resources. It’s an outstanding guide for teens and adults from 8th grade through college on chemistry. The feel of the book is like a one-on-one tutoring session where key points are grouped by subject area, including explanations and tables and images that support the important points. Many practice questions are included at the end of each lesson, with answers and explanations to help you understand why you may have missed a question. I found it helpful to use with my chemistry textbook as you can search through the index for material relating to your current lesson.

HOMEWORK HELPERS: Chemistry is an exceptional resource for all students. The chapters  include: The Science of Chemistry, Measurements and Calculations, Atomic Structure, Bonding and Molecular Structure, Chemical Formulas, Chemical and Nuclear Reactions, Stoichiometry, Gases, and Solutions, Acids, and Bases.  Although the headings may be intimidating, after you read this book, they won’t be. Include it in your home library for whenever you want to brush up on your studies or review concepts that you learned a while back. Instead of researching on the internet, this book provides a one-stop resource for your review of chemistry key concepts.

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