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Book Review of Homework Helpers: Essays and Term Papers

by Michelle McLean

Reviewed by Sean Traynor, Editor-in-Chief

Recommended for ages 12 and up

It is very difficult for kids to find the time and motivation outside school to read books that will help them improve their grades and performance in school.  I chose this book to review because I realized that maybe it could help me write even better and faster, and I wanted to improve my scores on my future essay section of my SAT test.  I was pleasantly surprised that Michelle McLean’s book, Essays and Term Papers, helped me realize that books to improve writing can be entertaining and helpful.

This book is the newest addition to the Homework Helpers series of educational resources. It’s an outstanding writing guide for teens and adults from 8th grade through college. Every single type of writing assignment you may ever be asked to write is covered in this easy-to-read book, from an easy essay to extensive research or term papers. Twelve essay types are covered, including a rough, edited and final draft sample for each type.  Not only does it cover each type of essay writing, but it takes you from the beginning to the end of the process including brainstorming, researching, outlining and writing the rough to final draft. Each task is broken down into mini “lessons” that can make the most writing-phobic kid feel like they can not only do the assignment, but do it well. Each lesson is given in easy-to-read small bites so I was able to pick it up every time I had a small sliver of time.  This is perfect for students that have time at the end of lunch breaks or a small amount of time between extracurricular activities.  In this way, you can improve your skills while not feeling like you are being forced to take on a major task. Even the student that finds writing extremely challenging will become comfortable with the writing process.  The examples are current and interesting, making the lessons fun and easy to follow.

Another important aspect of the book is the extras.  Ms. McLean includes the proper way to proofread, cite resources and she also provides tips on avoiding common grammar mistakes. I also was happy that she covered SAT test essays.

HOMEWORK HELPERS: Essays & Term Papers is an exceptional resource for all students. Include it in your home library next to your dictionary and thesaurus.  It will save you a lot of time researching on the internet with the ready to glean information easily organized for you to assist you on your next important project.

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