Amazing Kids! Magazine

Book Review of Maxx Comedy

by Gordon Korman

Reviewed by Ryan Straub, age 10, Forty Fort, PA

Recommended for ages 9-12

Have you ever wanted to win a joke contest? Well, now you can read a hilarious story about a kid who wants to be a comedy whiz called Maxx Comedy by Gordon Korman. Max Carmody is a joke-telling sixth grader whose ultimate dream is to become a master comedian.

In the story, Max sees a poster that asks if he could be the funniest kid in America.  Since it is a contest, he has to show that he is funny enough to enter. This leads him to go through a whole lot of trouble to enter the contest, with the help of his friends Sydni, Big, and his best friend Maude (the smartest sixth grader in class who understands all of Max’s jokes).  When Max receives a letter, it changes everything.

Maxx Comedy is a book that will tickle your funny bone. There are even jokes in the beginning of each chapter.  An example would be, “My vet really knows animal behavior… he bit me last week.” This book really made me laugh, but the events of the story made me surprised and nervous as well.

I recommend Maxx Comedy to people who like humor. Gordon Korman is the author of other funny books you might want to read. He makes me feel like there is a movie going on in my head because he describes the characters in the book so well.

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