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Book Review of The Klutz Book of Inventions

by John Cassidy and Brendan Boyle

Reviewed by Anni, age 9, Washington and Ryan Traynor, age 11, Emerald Hills, CA

Recommended for ages 8 and up

From Anni:

Do you like books that are packed with humorous things? Well, this is the book for you! The Klutz Book of Inventions has every crazy invention you could think of, from Anti-Ant Picnic Plates to the Zip-Back Zippers! Some of these inventions are useful, while others…well, aren’t so purposeful.

I recommend this book for people of any age! My favorite invention was the soup-testing spoon. Have fun!

From Ryan:

I consider myself a Klutz book expert; I have about every one they have ever sold.  So, when I saw their latest book called The Klutz Book of Inventions, I had high expectations of lots of humor and fun.  I wasn’t disappointed.

In the Klutz Book of Inventions John Cassidy, the founder and now creative director of Klutz Books, and Brendon Boyle, a toy creator at IDEO (a design and innovations consulting firm) got together to create a book of  wild and wacky inventions.  The result was nothing less than brilliant.  They not only dreamed up each crazy contraption, but they also built and tested it for each action-packed photo. I found myself laughing out loud in the book store the minute I picked it up and thumbed through the first set of pages.  The laughter never stopped until I finished the last page of the book.  I imagined being in the room with them as they were dreaming up these hilarious and extraordinary inventions.  No, this is not meant to be a serious invention book.  It is clearly meant to challenge us to stretch our imaginations.

The 200-page book has 162 never-before-seen contraptions that are useful (some), ridiculous (many) and yet extraordinary (all).  My favorite invention was the reminder toilet paper.  This includes sandpaper at the end of the roll so that you’ll never forget to replace the roll again – ouch!  There are so many wacky and ridiculous inventions that still have a thread of usefulness that you end up wondering (even for a second) if you could buy it somewhere.  My mom laughed at the training wheels for high heels and my brother likes the head bed so he could sleep anywhere he wants.  There is something for everyone in this book.  Practical – no, hilarious – Yes!  You get a first-hand look at how ideas get brought into action by some top-notch creative superstars.  It will spark in everyone the imagination to create something new.

I recommend this book for all ages.  It will bring out the creative juices that only show up when there are no limits!