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Reader’s Block

By Brittney Walker, Age 16, Virginia


When you’ve read all the Harry Potter books, and you’re on Reader’s Block, sometimes you have to get advice from others as to what to read, which is perfectly fine. It’s good to get reading suggestions from other people so you can broaden your reading genres. Here are a few good series for young adults:

Maximum Ride, By James Patterson

For those who haven’t already heard about it, Maximum Ride is a series about a genetically mutated group of kids, self-named as “The Flock”. They are 98% human, 2% avian (bird). They have wings, and since they are unusually light and slender, they can use them to fly! The series is full of action, romance, family, surprise twists and turns, and much more!

In the beginning, all is peaceful, and the Flock is hidden in their home in the woods, where Jeb, the “white coat” (mad scientist) who saved them, took them before he disappeared. Then, the Erasers come for the Flock. This book is fast paced and will have you wanting to read one more chapter all night!

There’s loads of action, family, friendship, and a budding relationship.

The Hunger Games, By Suzanne Collins

This book is set in the future in a place called “Panem”, which lays on the ashes of America. Most rights are gone, laws are strict, and punishment is severe. Most people, except for in the capitol, often go hungry. That’s not the worst part, though. Every year, the capitol forces two children from each district into an arena to fight to the death on television, called the Hunger Games, or Games for short.

The main character is Katniss Everdeen, who lives in District 12. She volunteers for Prim, her younger sister, when she is chosen to go to the arena.

This book has plenty of romance, action, violence, and friendship.

The Mediator, By Meg Cabot

Suze Simon has just moved in with her mom and her new husband. Oh, and his three sons. As if that wasn’t enough, now she has to deal with the hot ghost, Jesse, haunting her new bedroom! See, Suze can see and speak to the dead. The problem? She can feel them too. They can physically hurt her. Some come to her for help, and some for revenge. Suze saves many ghosts in the series, saves some people, and almost dies a few times.

There’s a lot of action, paranormal, and some romance too!