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The Rivalry: Mystery at the Army Navy Game

By John Feinstein

Reviewed by Sam Sweitzer, 5th Grade, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

The Rivalry: Mystery at the Army Navy Game Book Cover

When Susan Carol and Stevie try to write a news article about the Army-Navy game, trouble is heading right in their direction. Stevie is a teenage boy who loves sports and writing. Susan Carol is a butterfly swimmer and a newspaper reporter. This story by John Feinstein is about two teenage reporters that go to Washington, D.C. to report about the Army-Navy game. The President will be attending the game, so Stevie and Susan Carol will have to stay with a secret service agent. All of the many security guards are really anxious to get the game over with, so that they can secure the President. Everyone attending the game wonders if the President will be safe, and that is where the story really begins.

Throughout the story of Rivalry: Mystery at the Army Navy Game John Feinstein does a great job describing the history behind the Army-Navy game. One thing that surprised me was that Feinstein included many of the player’s names and life stories, such as the Navy quarterback, Ricky Dobbs. One of my favorite things about Feinstein is his method of switching between Stevie and Susan Carol’s point of view. Rivalry: Mystery at the Army Navy Game is a great all-around book that I recommend to anyone who likes sports, mystery, sports history, and a thrill. Readers who enjoy Feinstein’s style may also enjoy his other books, such as Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series and Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl. When I finished this book, I felt like there really, truly was, a mystery at the Army-Navy game!


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    Thanks Sam! This book sounds great! I definitely plan on reading it!