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Owls in the Family

By Farley Mowat

Published by Yearling Books

Reviewed by Anni, age 8

Recommended for ages 7 and up

Owls in the Family - Book Cover

Great adventures and great adventurers can come in all shapes and sizes.  Some adventurers travel across the globe seeking adventure and excitement.  But some find their adventures closer to home.

Farley Mowat, in his book Owls in the Family, takes us along on the fun, funny and feathery adventures of the home-grown kind, as we tag along with the book’s hero, Billy, his friends, and their out-of-the-ordinary pets.  (Hint: the keeping hundreds of gophers as pets kind of “out-of-the-ordinary”) Billy’s love of animals and nature gives him plenty of reasons to spend his days exploring the rural countryside of Saskatoon, Canada, where the book takes place and where the author, Farley Mowat also spent part of his childhood.  Along the way, Billy finds adventure, new feathery friends (the owls from the book’s title) all while never wandering too far from home.

Being a kid, I could relate to Billy’s love of nature and animals, and his adventurous spirit.  Farley Mowat does a great job of making Billy a believable and likeable character in his book.  Written in 1961, the tone of the book brings the reader back to a time when things were simpler and choices for playing more limited, a time when there was no Internet, no computers, no cell phones, no video games.  This might seem boring to many of today’s “plugged in” kids, but speaking from my own experience as both a “plugged in” kid and one who also loves nature, the story has the power to remind us all (kids and adults alike) of the fun adventures kids can have without all the electronic gadgets.

That lesson alone is enough to make this book worth taking the time to read, though there are many other reasons for reading it too.  It is well written, really funny, and filled with memorable characters that are fun to watch as they experience one adventure and misadventure after another.

Better yet, rather than just reading it by yourself, do what I did, and read it with a parent, grandparent or teacher (I read it with my teacher, before I read it with my mother).  They’re sure to enjoy it too, as it may bring back memories of their childhoods, when things were simpler and all kinds of exciting adventures were waiting, just around the corner…

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