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Product Review – Etymotic ETY•Kids® Safe-Listening Earphones

By Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief


I have to admit it – I love to listen to music. At times I listen to it when I do my homework and have fallen asleep many times with earphones in my ears, listening to my tunes. So, when I was given a chance to check out some new earphones, I jumped at the chance. I began listening to music at a very young age. When my music preferences began to differ from my older brother’s, we found that listening with earphones was the best compromise. However, my parents were always worried about us hurting our hearing by having the volume turned up too high. We, on the other hand, didn’t want to sacrifice the sound. So, whenever we could, we’d adjust the volume to our preference (usually loud). As I get older, I have begun to understand why our parents have worried about the music – not because they wanted to interfere, but because of the long-term effects of loud music on the small hairs inside our ears that help us hear.

I tried out the ETY•Kids® Safe-Listening Earphones by Etymotic. Etymotic is a leader in hearing health solutions, meaning they provide safe-listening earphones for children. Most earbuds supplied by mobile phone manufacturers don’t seal the ear canal, causing discomfort and kids constantly pushing them further into the ear. The ETY•Kids® safe-listening earphones are designed to provide safe volume levels at excellent quality. The controls manage the earphone sensitivity, allowing the listener to not have to mess with the volume setting on the phone or other device. The sound heard through the earphones will not exceed safe levels.

ETY•Kids® Safe-Listening Earphones Features:

  • For ages 4+ and anyone that is overly sensitive to loud sound
  • Engineered for safe sound output (for 4 hours or less use at full volume per day)
  • High-definition sound experience
  • ACCU•Fit eartips ensure a good fit in small ears (3 sizes in each box)
  • CUSTOM•FIT option

While using the earphones, I felt they were comfortable. Because they sealed the ear canal, I did not have to constantly adjust them while listening. I also noticed that there was very little background noise, which allowed me to focus even more on my homework without distractions or trying to turn up the volume. Yet, the sound quality was much better than most of the earphones I’ve purchased through regular retail outlets. Although the volume was low, the clarity was so good that it didn’t really bother me. The sound of the music was clear and I could hear all the distinct instruments and vocals. Another thing that really bothers me about most earphones is that the cord becomes frayed or broken. These earphones have Kevlar®-reinforced cable for durability so I’m sure they’ll withstand my constant use.

So if you want to make sure your hearing is still good when you’re listening to music later in life, take a little precaution today and invest in good earphones that will make sure you don’t hurt your hearing by mistake.

To purchase the earphones or to find out more information about other products, check out their website at Etymotic Research has offered all Amazing Kids! readers 10% off the purchase of ETY•Kids® by using code EK10TP when checking out on their website.