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Product Review – Friendship Jacket

If you are like me, you love spending time drawing and being creative. I love being able to do things that let me be creative. That is why I was excited to learn about the Friendship Jacket from Mia My. This cool jacket not only allows you to show your creativity, it helps you have fun with your friends by sharing it with them.

There are many ways you can use the Friendship Jacket. It comes with washable markers which you and your friends can use to draw right on the jacket! You can also purchase colorful patches for your jacket. You and your friends can each take turns keeping the jacket at your homes and wearing it. When you and your friends are ready, you can wash the jacket and the fun starts all over again.

I love the style and quality material that the jacket is made out of. It will last and last and you can pass it down to your younger sister or a friend’s younger sister when you grow out of it, so they can share it with her friends and pass the fun on!

You can join their “Circle of Friends” on the Mia My website, and upload photos of your jacket and enter design contests and more!

For more information about the Friendship Jacket at Mia My, visit their website at: