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Product Review – Leo Messi FootBubbles Set

By Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief
Recommended for ages 6 and up


The Leo Messi FootBubbles Starter Pack is a bubble blowing set with socks meant to practice soccer juggling skills by juggling the bubbles with your feet like a soccer ball. Leo Messi, the undisputed champion of international football (soccer) and the world’s number one player, has teamed up with the award-winning Funtastic LTD to launch the Messi FootBubbles and the Meet Messi Competition. The Messi FootBubbles are available at Toys ‘R’ Us stores nationwide. The Meet Messi Competition is a competition through social media where kids can demonstrate their skills using the foot bubbles and be entered to win a trip to meet soccer sensation Leo Messi in Barcelona.

I was actually excited to try out the FootBubble product as the product information said that I could “juggle FootBubbles like the greatest soccer player in the world! The secret is the winning team of FootBubbles Super Solution and Messi Socks. The Super Solution is specially formulated and made to bounce with your feet when used with the specially designed Messi socks.” Going outside with my friends, a friend and I put on the special Messi socks. The socks were neon orange with a print that made them look like soccer cleats, but otherwise they felt just like regular socks. Included is a very small bottle of bubble solution. The FootBubbles Super Solution is specially formulated to allow the bubbles to stay longer when bounced by your feet using the Messi socks. We had a difficult time learning how to create the bubbles and popped most of the bubbles before we were able to keep them in the air. I highly recommend viewing the website and videos available on how to use the bubble solution before you try this product as you might run out of bubble solution or get too frustrated and stop. You might want to buy a replacement bottle of solution at the same time you purchase the kit. The site shows you how to perform tricks with the bubbles including ‘Around the World’, ‘The Twirl’ and the ‘Back-heel Tap’.

My friends and I were able to finally learn how to keep the bubbles afloat for a few seconds but it was difficult to learn. We did laugh quite a bit while we were trying, however I didn’t find this a soccer “practice” tool because if you try to do anything beyond a light tap, the bubble will burst. If you look at it as just a fun new bubble toy, you can have an enjoyable time with the kit. The socks are only for 6y to 13y so this will definitely limit the use by teens and tweens.

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