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Product Review – Potatoyz App/Toy Review

Reviewed by Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief


Potatoyz 3D printing application
By Potaterie
Recommended for ages 4+
Available on iTunes

You can look around a family restaurant today and notice the difference in child entertainment from just 10 years ago. Children of all ages are entertained by electronics, tablets, and phones. This not only occurs at restaurants, however, At home kids of today need interactive stimulation. This is one reason why Amazing Kids! has decided to review an application. This application is different from the thousands that work our fingers dropping items in boxes or firing weapons. We always look for something different that educates, inspires, and is fun. This new Potatoyz application does all of that. Potatoyz is interactive and interesting. It is the first 3D printing app for children. Although there are many apps out there where children can dress, color and design figures, animals, or people, they don’t result in something physical that can then be used to further spur their imagination. Potatoyz brings the digital world and the real world together. Any child can use the application to create and personalize their own toy, which is then shipped to their door!

The application begins with a simple blob figure that each child changes by adding colors, patterns, clothing, custom drawings, and facial features. There are over 300 different stickers to customize the Potatoyz.  After the child is happy with their design, they save the design and press print, which orders a printed 3D version of their designed toy.

Check out this video to see exactly how it works.

I found the interface very easy to work with, even for the youngest child. It was extremely easy to edit and customize my Potatoyz and I found myself spending almost an hour designing numerous figures until I chose exactly what I wanted. It really stimulated my imagination and helped me to jump right into another fictional story I created in my mind as I designed my figures.

Once I finished my design and viewed it in the Photo Booth, it was simple to press the PRINT button and order my 3D printed figurine.

Shipping is promised within 4 – 7 business days from France, and they met their promise. Besides meeting my expectations, what child wouldn’t like to receive mail from France that included a toy designed specially by themselves?

From the Potatoyz website, here is information about the Creators:

POTATERIE, a brand new Paris-based Studio, creates edutaining content for children. The startup company was co-founded by Antoine and Gabriel, two buddies passionate about animation and new technology. After an initial successful experience in working for the US Animation Industry (The Lorax, Despicable Me) they decided to create their own adorable series of characters, Potatoyz, a true product of their free spirit, rooted in the DoItYourself movement of today’s next generation.

With the Award-winning Potatoyz app’ and its mind blowing design, the company creates a new form of family entertainment, while at the same time offering an extended experience that lives beyond virtual creation on screen thanks to 3D printing. This is how Potatoyz originated!

For more information, go to the Potatoyz website.

To download the free app, go to iTunes (Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

There is an in-app purchase of the 3D figure for $5.99 but you can also just choose to decorate figures and view them in the Photo Booth without using this feature. I found receiving the customized figure from France was a great way to get my imagination rolling and to generate pride in my creativity by seeing the actual toy at the end. I’m sure every kid will feel the same way.