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Product Review – Rollors

Manufactured by Maranda Enterprises
Reviewed by Anni R., age 9


It’s summer and if your family is like mine, we love to spend as much time outdoors as possible, enjoying the sunshine and getting exercise.  Here’s a new outdoor game perfect for summer activities, that’s fun for the whole family:  It’s called Rollors!

Rollors was invented by a former U.S. Air Force officer Matt Butler.  He created the first version (“prototype”) of Rollors in his garage, who wanted to create an exciting new game of skill and chance for families everywhere.

Just like the name sounds, the game pieces are round disks of natural wood, that have either red or blue painted numbers on both sides, which you roll on the ground towards wooden cones. The person or team to get closest to the cones gets to add up their points and whoever gets the most points wins!  It is a simple game to learn, easy and very fun to play.

I recommend this game for families and kids ages 4 and up. I hope you have fun!