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Restaurant Review – New American Girl Store and Bistro

By Anni Racibarskas, age 9


Amazing Kid! Reporter Anni (right) and friend Lauren visit the new American Girl store in Lynnwood, Washington

One of the things I missed when I moved from California to Washington state was the American Girl store in Los Angeles.  So, boy was I excited when I heard that there was a new American Girl store opening up this summer at my local mall in Lynnwood, Washington, just 25 minutes north of Seattle!

The new American Girl store opened in July and it was packed with girls like me who love American Girl.  I visited with my friend Lauren, who also loves American Girl.  When we got there, we were taken on a tour of the store.  We saw all the historical and modern American Girl dolls, clothing, and accessories.  There was even a doll hair salon where you could get your doll’s hair styled, or their ears pierced.  You could also get custom-designed matching t-shirts for you and your doll.  I got a t-shirt for my doll that says “Seattle” on it.  I also bought my doll a pair of white cropped pants.

My friend and I went back the next week to try out their new bistro.  Though it is smaller than the full restaurant at the Los Angeles American Girl store, it had delicious food, drinks and desserts! We started our meal with a fruit kabob appetizer.  Yum!

I had this yummy omelette with spinach and feta cheese.

My mom loved her salmon salad!

My friend Lauren with her doll and delicious spaghetti!

It was fun (and yummy) sharing these lollipop brownies.

You can see a sample American Girl Bistro menu on their website:

Like always, I had a great experience at American Girl and will be sure to go back and visit again soon!

If you live in Washington or are planning a visit, you can visit the Lynnwood, Washington store’s website to learn more: