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The Newsy News Newsletter

By Karen English
Reviewed by Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor

The Newsy News Newsletter book cover

The Newsy News Newsletter, by Karen English, is about two friends who live on a street called Fulton Street. On Fulton Street, many, many things go on, and Deja and Nikki decide they should write a newspaper, called “The Newsy News Newsletter”, talking about what interesting things happen at their school and on their street. At first, their newsletter is a hit. They charge a quarter for each newsletter, and with eighteen houses on their street, they’re making $4.50 each one they make – but it’s not long before Deja and Nikki start guessing at things, making the wrong guesses and then get in trouble for it.

When I was in fifth grade, my mom and I started a newspaper at my school. We had quite a few kids join, and it was a lot of fun to do. We were taught how to write different articles, how to interview, grammar, and even more. Just like Deja and Nikki, we had fun in making the newspaper, though ours took even more time than theirs. However, we were lucky enough from the beginning to be taught how to get the facts and not have to guess. I highly recommend The Newsy News Newsletter to kids; it’s a great book showing what can happen when you guess and don’t have the facts.

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