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Scholastic Makes News Cool at School

by Brittany, Student Writer

The last time you picked up a newspaper, you probably headed right for the comics section and left the other articles unread; after all, not only can regular newspaper articles for grownups be long and tedious, some articles can also be unsuitable for kids!

But the good news is that Scholastic, a popular children’s book publishing company, has just made the headlines a lot easier to read for students around the globe with their magazine for classrooms: Scholastic News!

Scholastic News’ goal is to educate kids about the world around them in an appropriate, fun format. The weekly news magazine is published for grades 1-6, with each age-group having a special magazine formatted specifically for them! Check out the Grade 4 interactive issue demo online at:

The information in Scholastic News is fun, but it’s also professional. Says Stephanie Smith, Editorial Director of Scholastic News for grades 3-6: “[Scholastic News] is written by a knowledgeable and experienced editorial staff that works hard to stay on top of the most current news stories and to relay the information in a way that kids can understand clearly.”

They’ve certainly set the standard; Scholastic News has been making the news exciting for students for over 50 years! “The goal of Scholastic News is to deliver the news to kids in a way that is interesting and manageable,” Ms. Smith says. “Kids have the power to do great things and to be involved in their communities and in their world. An understanding of the events that go on around them is a key step in becoming a better global citizen!”

Also, Scholastic News’ website, includes not only news reports, but also fun activities, book and movie reviews, and interesting behind-the-scenes glances at life. It’s a great site for students and teachers, alike, to check out.

If you or your teacher would like to bring Scholastic News to your classroom, your teacher can order the magazine at If you’re a budding writer, Ms. Smith says you can apply to become a Kid Reporter. “Kid Reporters interview everyone from politicians to athletes to movie stars and cover news in their community,” she says. “Their stories are published both on the Scholastic Kids Press Corps website and in Scholastic News magazines. If you are interested in applying to be a kid reporter or want news for kids, by kids, visit”

And don’t forget: The Amazing Kids! Online magazine is interested in having Kid Reporters, as well, so be sure to visit our Writer’s Guidelines for more information on how to get involved!