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Staff Q & A: How has the world changed thanks to technology?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


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How has the world changed thanks to technology?

Sharon Lin (Editor-in-Chief): My father always told me of how, when he was a boy, computers were a rarity, a toy for the rich and a coveted item for the poor. Today, technology and electronics have become so ingrained into our lives, we can hardly live without picking up a smartphone or calling someone up to ask for directions or to make small talk. Technology has definitely changed the lifestyles of everyone on this planet, but it has most importantly created a new way of thinking. Society works faster thanks to technology, especially in first-world countries where technology is readily available. It has caused our economy to work at a pace never before imagined, thanks to computer programs. It has allowed people to live longer lives than ever before, thanks to modern medical technology. It has allowed for the spread of knowledge on a global scale, thanks to the Internet. Most of all, however, it has allowed people to connect in ways that could never have been possible, and it allows for a greater sense of connection across the world and within our own lives.

Ryan Traynor (Assistant Editor): I hear all the time how the world has changed by technology from my parents. Just the other day we were watching a movie that had a rotary phone. It led us into a discussion about how today people are constantly connected to their friends and work through wireless devices. All we need is a nearby cell tower or wireless internet to stay connected. This has its obvious positives – being available for emergencies, being able to start a conversation whenever we’re bored, having immediate entertainment at our fingertips. However, these same positives can be negatives – never having a moment without interruption, being trained to always be doing something, always having something fun to distract us from work or homework. I think technology has caused us to be more productive, stay up to date minute by minute with local and world events, and create new friendships and enhance old ones. As long as we can control the interruptions, our personal time will not be affected and the enhancements can allow us to create new inventions to improve our lives even further.

Kasey Dallman (AKOM Editor): One of the big things I love about the advancement of technology is the internet. We can look up so much information in seconds. This access to knowledge is exciting!

Remmi Smith (Cook Nook Columnist): The world has evolved so much thanks to technology. Technology has introduced light-speed communication between people of all continents. Even since those boxy telephones so much has changed to where you could call someone with just a small digital watch. Thanks to technology the world has changed, and will continue to evolve into a more technology based future. <3 Remmi!

Cathy Yan (Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor): The world has changed in too many ways to count! Thanks to technology, there is better medical care, food, and a general higher standard of living. In terms of social growth and entertainment, technology allows us to talk to friends on the other side of the world and closely follow major news stories in other countries. Over all, technology has changed the way we think, act, and live.

Monica Gu (PR Correspondent): In the most recent years, technology has changed the world by giving we humans who occupy it longer and easier lives, although whether or not it has given us better lives is debatable. With new medicine and improved communications also come more sedentary activity and less efforts spent on meeting face to face. At this very moment, typing this, I have my eyes glued to a screen instead of talking to the person next to me, and I feel pretty bad about it. But what else would I possibly do?

Sarina Patel (Contributing Writer): Our lives have been made more efficient & easier thanks to technology. Do you want to go somewhere? No problem. With the press of a button, we are given a range of navigation systems to choose from.

Feeling hungry, bored, or stressed? No sweat. Just press and hold the home screen on an iPhone to activate Siri, a vocal guide who can do anything such as: automatically rerun entire songs, making a reservation at your favorite restaurant, to defining a word, logging onto Instagram, & even showing you who won the latest football game via Internet access.

A big plus is that the iPhone will do as you command. If you tell Siri to text your friend Bob, “Hi there,” she will do it for you.

Also, from taking a picture to sending an email, I think that the effortlessness of using today’s gadgets captures people. The lightweight technology, speed, interactive programs and fancy improvements grab our attention. In doing so, improve the world around us. Therefore, my conclusion is that technology has changed the world due to its many positive abilities and functions.