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Staff Q & A: Our Youth Staff’s Comments on… What Craft or Handicraft Do You Like to Do in your Spare Time?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff

Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What craft or handicraft do you like to do in your spare time?

Sean (Editor-in-Chief) I relax sometimes by making pipe cleaner animals.  I also like to create origami and unique model magic people and animals.  Right now I am taking a lapidary class since I have always had a fascination with crystals and rocks. A lapidary is an artist who forms stone, mineral, gemstones, and other durable materials (such as amber, shell, pearl, coral, bone or glass) into decorative items such as engraved gems and faceted designs.  I am learning how to cut and polish stones right now and when finished, we mount them into different jewelry settings.  It is relaxing and a lot of fun.



Olivia (Assistant Editor) I really like origami, so I try to learn new origami designs in my spare time!


Tanmaya (LOL Editor) I like to spend my spare time with my scoobie strings. It’s totally fun! There are many patterns to choose from. It is a kind of modern handicraft. When the scoobies are ready I use them as keychains. It is a great hobby too and a great way to spend your spare time.


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  2. Anneline Howards /

    I also love doing scoobie strings in my free time, Tanmaya! I think that your keychains look great!