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Staff Q & A: Our Youth Staff’s Comments on… What is your Favorite Gadget?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff

Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What is your favorite gadget?

Sean (Editor-in-Chief) I can’t go anywhere without my smart phone. It keeps me connected to my friends, family and the world through the internet.

Tanmaya (LOL Editor) I would love to own a gadget which could let me view any planet’s atmosphere on a small screen. Through the gadget I would love to see Jupiter’s, Mercury’s, Venus’ and other planet’s inner regions and maybe I can spy on the planet Mars and find out whether life or Martians really exist on that planet! If they exist I would love to talk or listen to their voice through my gadget. All in all, my gadget should have the capacity to connect to any planet or the moon so that I will be able to see that region or communicate with the life forms existing there. A ‘Universe in your Pocket’ gadget! I know such a gadget doesn’t exist but I love the world of fantasy. 🙂

Isabella (Poetry Editor) My favorite gadget in the world is my battery operated ice cream scooper. It actually heats up so I can easily soften the ice cream. I get a perfect scoop every time.

Enzo (Sci-Tech Natural Science Columnist) That is an easy question. My favorite gadget right now is the iPad. I have a Kindle too, but the iPad has way more games. It’s just so fun. My favorite game right now is Angry Birds. I think it’s the way you interact with the device – using your fingers. Also, because it’s back lighted I can play at night. But the Kindle is pretty cool too. And then there’s the $50K microscope at UT. There are too many cool gadgets!

Kasey (AKOM writer) My favorite gadget would be my cell phone. I am always very busy so text messages are an easy way for my friends to let me know what is going on if I haven’t seen them yet.

Anni (Contributing Writer) My favorite gadget is the iPod nano because I love music and I can just relax and listen. The iPod nano is also small and easy to carry around.