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…What is an interesting story about a pet you have or have had?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff
Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What is an interesting story about a pet you have or have had?

Sean (Editor-in-Chief) I have a hermit crab that we won at a local fair. We were told it would live about 3 months and we’ve had him now for 10 years! Once we thought he had died because it looked like his body was out of the shell. He had shed his hard outside skin and “molted” which means he grew and created a new skin for himself. During this time they hide in the sand to protect themselves. Good thing my mom didn’t throw him out by mistake!

Olivia (Assistant Editor) I had a hamster named King Tut (after the Egyption pharaoh) and there was this one night when, after putting food in his cage, I forgot to shut the door. King Tut escaped, and he ran around the house the entire night, scaring my mom at one point, who thought he was a rat. But, by the time that she realized he was my hamster, he’d already run away! When he had jumped out earlier that night, some food had spilled on the ground right under his cage, and when I woke up in the morning to look for him, he was right by his cage, eating away at the spilled food!

Natalie (Jr. Assistant Editor) Two or three years ago, my family adopted a two-pound kitten that was only a few months old; we named her Amorette, Amie for short. We were assured she was only supposed to be around two to three pounds – she was so small she could fit in our hand! Here we are now, a few years later, and she says six pounds – three to four pounds more than she should have been!

Tanmaya (LOL Editor) I never had my own personal pet. My cousin has a lab named Nero. We all play with him. I meet my cousin once a year (as she is living in a different city) so we can all have loads of fun with Nero!
Isabella (Reviews Editor) I have a Shih Tzu named Star. Star does not like to be left out of my bedroom and will often take a running leap at my door to kick it open. Despite her small stature, she manages to kick the door open every time. She is a real powerhouse! Here is my dog Star in a fashion cape that I made for her !! ( My first dog design)

Gen (Sci-Tech Columnist) Our family has had 5 SPCA dogs over the last 22 years. I grew up with Rudy (she came along before I was born and was like a second mommy to me). And then there was Dutch ( a mix golden/retriever) and now we have a crazy Australian Kelpie that was supposedly supposed to be a German Sheppard /Collie. Instead she’s about 1 foot high and drives our other 100+pound German Sheppard crazy. But nothing beats our Siberian Husky who managed to know when the lock wasn’t quite right on our backyard fence and escaped more often than Houdini. On one of his “outings” my mom gave up looking for him only to look out the window later that day and saw him in the back of a police cruiser, which couldn’t be more embarrassing.