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Staff Q & A: What is your favorite sea animal? Why?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What is your favorite sea animal? Why?

Ryan Traynor (Editor-in-Chief): My favorite sea animal is the angler fish because it looks really cool. This fish lives in very deep water so it is bony with a fleshy growth extended from the fish’s head that acts like a lure to attract food. Most adult female anglerfish have a luminescent organ called the esca at the tip of a modified dorsal ray that lures prey in the dark. Most people will remember this scary fish from the movie “Nemo.”

Sharon Lin (Amazing Kids! in History and Sci-Tech Kids Editor): I absolutely adore the mantis shrimp, an often over-looked species that inhabits the deepest depths of the ocean. It is able to see in more colors than we can imagine, drawing images from infrared and ultraviolet rays and turning them into visual sensations. They are also able to emit a sonic boom as a means of paralyzing or startling their prey. In addition, they happen to be one of the most colorful sea creatures (and I encourage everyone to look up “mantis shrimp” in their favorite search engine to marvel at this rare beauty!)

Kasey Dallman (AKOM Editor): I am always fascinated by whales. Their intelligence and abilities are amazing.

Cathy Yan (Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor): My favourite sea animal is the mantis shrimp. In addition to its bright colours, it has SIXTEEN colour receptors to rival our three. This means instead of just seeing colours derived from red, yellow, and blue, it can see all hues made from their thirteen other receptors. Also, its claws can strike with 1, 500 Newtons of force, making it very powerful.

Sabrina Patel (Contributing Writer): My favorite sea animal is the giant squid- they’re so mysterious and elusive; and they live in dark waters at the bottom of the ocean. To me, the baby giant squids are so cute! The adults can crush 8 human male adults with their tentacles and suckers- and their eyes are the largest in the world and are as large as soccer balls! Killer whales are their archenemies- they’re the giant squid’s predator and prey, since both species hunt and retreat from each other. I believe more research should be conducted about the lives of giant squid. They do eat humans, but since they hardly find humans just floating around at the bottom of the ocean and don’t go up to the surface unless they’re desperate for food and a human REALLY catches their eye in the middle of the ocean, they are harmless to our species. They are so powerful, and I respect them. Live on, giant squids!

Ilina Ghosh (Fiction Editor): My favorite sea animal is the Octopus. I know, I know, not very original. Yet the octopus has always intrigued me. An animal so great but also so elegant. The fact that they have four times the arms we do also gives them an advantage!

Megan Weaver (Contributing Writer): I like all sea animals but one that I’ve always thought was interesting was the manatee. They are like big elephants that swim underwater and are gentle creatures. They were made illegal to hunt since they are an endangered species, so hopefully the manatee population will soon be abundant once again!