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Staff Q & A: What is your favorite sport or outdoor activity? Why?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What is your favorite sport or outdoor activity? Why?

Sharon (Editor-in-Chief): I love playing golf, as well as running. Most people won’t think to associate the two sports with each other, primarily because the audiences that professionals in either sport target are vastly different in their attitudes towards the sport. Nevertheless, at the core of both is physical and mental endurance. The ability to play 18 consecutive holes of golf well and to run a 5K requires the same concentration and focus. I also love how both sports allow me to spend more time outside, interacting with nature and appreciating the outdoors.

Ryan Traynor (Assistant Editor): My favorite outdoor sport is rock climbing. Each adventure is unique and I feel a great sense of achievement when I conquer the climb.

Cathy Yan (Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor): I love swimming because it can be very calming, but it also has a competitive edge to it. Also, it’s perfect for summer, when the weather is too hot outside to do anything other than lay around. Swimming, in my opinion, is also the easiest way to get fit. Each lap you do is a full body workout. Your legs are kicking, your arms are paddling, and your heart it beating crazy fast; it’s a cardio and a muscle workout rolled into one!

Sarina Patel (Contributing Writer): I like playing tennis, badminton, basketball, biking, running, and swimming equally. However, I like walking around the neighborhood the most. Although it may not be nearly as rigorous an activity as the others, walking gives me time to breathe in the fresh air and slow down to collect my thoughts. The scenery is usually very nice- in Florida, we have lush year-round greenery and nice, long sidewalks for pedestrians to try. Walking gives me time to relax and recharge outdoors. When I’m really stressed, listening to music and walking/running is a great way to rev up and get a move on! 🙂