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Staff Q & A: What is your way of capturing memories?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What is your way of capturing memories? 

Mindy Yang (Editor-in-Chief): I use photos and family stories to capture memories. Photos give a physical reminder of the past while stories bring the emotion felt by a certain memory.

Olivia Pineda (Assistant Editor): I’ve been taking photography classes at my high school for 3 years, so it’s only natural for me to capture memories through photography. I’m never without my camera, and I’m always taking pictures of my family, friends, and my many travels!

Sean Traynor (Editorial Adviser and Contributing Writer) I like to take bits and pieces of my favorite memories and include them in stories I write. In this way I add realism to each story. It is much easier to describe something that you have actually experienced but I always adapt it a little depending on the personality of the character in my story. I also like to take unique photographs that show a special side of the subject.

Isabella Taylor (Poetry Editor): The way I capture memories is through photography, painting and writing poems.   When I go on vacation with my family I like to keep a journal to record everything so I can re-read it later and re-live it all over again !

Kasey Dallman (AKOM Writer): Scrap-booking! Over the last few years I have really started it. I love it because it is so creative!

Tanmaya Murthy (LOL Columnist):  I love taking pictures and capturing the best moments on my camera. That’s how I am able to revisit my good times and memories. Today I can have a glimpse at my childhood when I look at those photographs when I was just a toddler..for me memories and unforgettable moments are very well refreshed when you have a look at your very own pictures. 🙂

Claudia Chow (Book Review Editor): I like to take pictures of special events that go on in my life, and I save them on my computer so I can look back at them. Maybe one day I will make a scrapbook!

Veronica Sturman (Contributing writer): I keep a travel journal.

Ryan Traynor (Contributing Writer): I have my own camera and love to take pictures. We also use the video feature on the camera to take movies and then edit them using iMovie to produce interviews and reviews. It is fun and I like to go back and watch them every now and then to remember what my visit was like. My family takes all the pictures we take on vacations and we put together a photo book. Then, if we want to revisit a vacation we have taken, we can take out the photo book and relive it all over again.