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Staff Q & A: What’s one style that identifies you?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What’s one style that identifies you?

Sharon Lin (Editor-in-Chief): I absolutely love wearing tights and loose silky blouses with a cardigan. Sometimes I’ll complement this outfit with a few accessories, from necklaces to bags to different hair styles. In addition, I normally don’t outrageously do my hair, especially not if I’m only going to school. I normally stay makeup free, since I enjoy the natural feeling much more than I do the feeling of artificial enhancers on my body.

Ryan Traynor (Assistant Editor): I don’t really keep to a style label. For school I like to wear collared shirts with sleeves that are rolled up with Lucky gray jeans or dark pants. Casually I relax in some fun jeans and a tee-shirt, usually with a DC label or something with primary colors like red and black. The thing I spend the most time on is my jacket. I have a jacket for whatever mood I am in – leather, casual, or in-between.

Kasey Dallman (AKOM Editor): Classy, yet relaxed! I teach music at an elementary school where I am constantly moving around the room. I have to look professional while still being comfortable, and I love finding clothes that fit both of those requirements!

Illina Ghosh (Fiction Editor): Though I enjoy dressing up for the important events and doing my hair and makeup, I am definitely the casual kind of gal. On most days you will find me in a cozy sweater and maybe some leggings or jeans. Sometimes I mix it up a little with a cute skirt! Simple is always better, in my mind.

Cathy Yan (Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor): My style changes every day, depending on my mood. I mostly stick with preppy/girly, with flouncy dresses, brightly patterned leggings, and slightly baggy tops. However, my favourite piece is my studded leather jacket, and I adore my very rock-and-roll type ankle boots, so I have some punk in me as well.

Sarina Patel (Contributing Writer): I like to be bold, confident, and cool. If I had a style of clothing, it would be comfortable and trendy; just like me. I’m not shy in public and I don’t let the comments that people make bother me. For the most part, I really don’t care what people say. I like outfits that are versatile- I want them to be colorful, nice, and outgoing; but I also want to be able to curly up and read a good novel in them. So if I were to establish a style, or a clothing line, this would be my chosen style.