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Staff Q & A: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff  here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Mindy Yang (Editor-in-Chief): My favorite holiday is October. I love the costumes, pumpkin carving and the sweet treats.

Sean Traynor (Editorial Advisor and Contributing Writer):  My favorite holiday is Christmas because I really enjoy all of the traditions we incorporate in our family. The meals, gatherings and gift-giving remind me of how important family and friendships are to me. I find people are always a little kinder during this time, which I hope will stretch out longer every year.

Isabella Taylor (Poetry Editor): My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to see all my family from Mexico and Canada. The lights are festive and holiday cheer is in the air!

Tanmaya Murthy (LOL Columnist): I love holiday trips to the mountains and hills accompanies with lots of greenery and waterfall!! Whenever I go for such trips, the serene environment present in these areas soothes the mind, basically a breath of fresh air!

Kasey Dallman (AKOM Columnist): My favorite holiday is Christmas, because I love when my whole family gets together.

Ryan Traynor (Contributing Writer): My favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day. I just love pulling pranks on my Dad and making him laugh. He makes me laugh every day and I get a kick out of returning the favor at least one day a year.

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  1. Marc Andrew Davenport /

    my favorite holiday is thanksgiving and black Friday. because of the food, blessings, football, family, and a day off from schools for seven days. it like Christmas which is my favorite holiday or it the most wonderful time of the year to my life. happy holidays 2017!