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Staff Q & A: Why is it important to know about the law?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff here? Check out our Q&A with some of the Online Magazine staff members; their responses to these questions are below!

Why is it important to know about the law?

Sharon Lin (Editor-in-Chief): The law keeps us all in check. Whether it is following international law set by the EU, national laws, or even locally set laws, having rules is important for setting up a framework from which we can derive what is right and wrong. It helps us determine what is moral and fair in society, and keeps everyone on an equal level in terms of our rights and responsibilities.

Ryan Traynor (Assistant Editor): Knowing the law gives you reasonable expectations of other people’s behavior because most people try to follow the law. Businesses must deal honestly with their customers or their long-term success will be in jeopardy. Laws protect both consumers and businesses, allowing societies to flourish within their frameworks. Knowing the law will help you deal with others personally and in business better because you will know the rules set out for them to follow.

Illina Ghosh (Fiction Editor): The laws of any country are the rules that keep that system going. As citizens of our own societies it is our duty to understand what regulations we are following and why our government believes we need these laws.

Cathy Yan (Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor): The law helps to keep our society in order and makes sure our rights are being observed. In case of emergencies, it is important to know the law so you can accurately determine and report whether or not your rights have been violated. On a day to day basis, following the law keeps you out of serious trouble, and helps you earn the respect of the people around you.

Brandon Kuske (Contributing Writer): People who know the laws are the only ones who can follow them. If we didn’t have rules the world would be in chaos! That is why people are instructed to learn and follow the laws.