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Staff Q&A: Describe a moment in which you found the courage to move outside your comfort zone.

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff at Amazing Kids! Magazine? Check out our Q&A with some of the staff members; their responses to the question of the month are below!

Allison Stein, Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor: As a shy young girl, I was originally drawn to the craft of storytelling because I found it easier to speak my heart on paper than to vocalize my emotions. In fact, shortly after publishing my first book, I was reluctant to take advantage of the opportunity to read my poetry aloud at a local event. However, when I recognized my chance to move outside my comfort zone, I invested my best effort into expressing myself in a genuine way. I have learned that in addition to hard work, it takes confidence and courage to make dreams come true.

Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor: When I went on a roller coaster for the first time, I was very scared, but my friends pushed me to do it, and I overcame my fear.

Brandon Kuske, LOL Column Editor: At my school, there are many different band programs you can participate in. I decided to audition for the most advanced group, which was certainly outside of my “comfort zone.” This definitely helped me improve as a musician and prepare for future advanced programs!

Ashley Lin, Nonfiction Editor and Adult Spotlight Interviewer: A couple of weeks ago, I finally found the courage to talk to a girl who was the other TA in my third period class. I’d previously avoided talking to her, hoping that we would elude the uncomfortable silence which came after we both said our names. Even though it was awkward at first, I’m very glad I initiated conversation with her; I’ve realized that I’ve been making many new friends and meeting many new people now that a self-imposed “comfort zone” was broken. I’ve become more confident when I meet someone, and I’ve discovered that the area beyond my comfort zone isn’t too bad at all.

Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor: I’ve been forced to do this many, many times now, and each time I do it, the same feeling comes back to me, the scariness and everything. But once I am done with it, I feel kind of proud. The first time this happened would be in second grade. My mom forced me to swim, and I literally started crying. Side note: I’m a decent swimmer now.