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Staff Q&A: Recall a challenge you had working/playing with another person.

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff at Amazing Kids! Magazine? Check out our Q&A with some of the staff members; their responses to the question of the month are below!

Q: Recall a challenge you had working/playing with another person. How did you overcome this challenge to be able to work/play together?

Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief: At school I was assigned the foreign exchange student as my partner for an important project that would be a big part of my grade. It was very difficult because we had a hard time communicating. At first I started doing most of the work on my own, but once he saw me doing this, he followed my lead. Quickly we learned new ways to communicate so the project came out as being from one team, not a solo project.

Cathy Yan, Global Village and Adventure Column Editor, and Assistant Editor: One time, when I was volunteering in my school garden, another volunteer was not cautious enough, and would frequently accidentally step on the plants. To amend this situation, I pulled them aside, and asked them to help me carry water, which is obtained at a station away from the plants. They happily agreed, and we ended up becoming close friends through volunteering away from the garden.

Allison Stein, Poetry Editor: When I am working on a group project at school, sometimes my classmates and I have different ideas about how to best complete the assignment. We try to see each other’s perspectives and compromise. Focusing on our shared goal instead of our individual plans is more efficient.

Monica Gu, Fiction Editor: When I was in Kindergarten, I didn’t get along very well with this boy in my class. We both thought the other person was annoying, immature, and/or cootie-ridden. But after the teacher seated us next to each other, we slowly began to tolerate each other, and realized that the opposite gender wasn’t that gross or weird after all. Before we knew it, we became friends, working and playing together, and my fear of cooties dissipated.

Soumya Avva, Photography Editor: I had to work with a group to collaborate and create a play for my history class. Initially, our group was struggling with agreeing on a theme and wasn’t very productive. To resolve this issue, we all took turns to speak about our ideas for the project and tried to find a way to incorporate all of the ideas into one play. By communicating with each other and working together, we were able to resolve our conflict and created a final product that represented all of us.

Catherine Cheng, AKOM Editor: I tend to be a very independent person so sometimes I have a hard time working together with others on group projects. Once I became very stressed when my group mates had trouble finishing their portion of work. However, by getting over my own dominating attitude, I was able to understand the issue from their point of view. Eventually, we were able to work out a team plan and achieve our common goals.

Cyierra Lloyd-Davila, Contest Coordinator: A challenge I experienced with working with another person was when we had to do a Team Building Activity. The project was to make a marshmallow launcher, but we had different ideas. There were many disagreements and arguments over whose idea was better, but eventually my partner and I decided that we would build our ideas and test them to see whose met the requirements better. Along the way we also added in our opinions and ideas on what we thought would work best. Eventually we built our launcher all together and our project ended up being a success.

Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Co-Editor and Contributing Writer: Well, there is this guy at my school, who can get really, really, really annoying. And we were both, in the same house, to my bad luck. Now, there was this project we had to do at school, for each house together, and so, dislike banded around my head, contempt weighing down on my heart, I joined forces with him to finish off our project. However, it wasn’t so bad. We (including two other house members) got along fine. Once I managed to stop my dislike from making biased opinions, with some willpower, I managed to get along with him, for then.

Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor: My friends and I are the type of people who think of a great idea and stick with it until the end. So when we work in a group, we tend to argue a lot since everyone wants something different. Whenever this happens, we make an effort to  be more open minded and to understand that our individual ideas, combined with our friend’s ideas, with different opinions and points of view, can be turned into great ideas.