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Staff Q&A: Share a positive or meaningful summer memory.

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff at Amazing Kids! Magazine? Check out our Q&A with some of the staff members; their responses to the question of the month are below!

Q. Share a positive or meaningful summer memory.

Allison Stein, Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor: Summer is an opportunity to reflect on what truly matters. My most treasured memories are moments spent with family and friends simply enjoying the small miracles of life and savoring the gift of our time together. From sitting on my grandparents’ deck to roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, these days leave an indelible impression on my heart.

Ryan Traynor, Editorial Adviser and Past Editor-in-Chief: This summer began with my party for graduating from high school. I was so happy to see all my friends again and know that we will stay close over the years. There was a new sense of relief that school was over, but also of hope of the new things we will be experiencing and learning in college.

Stella Prince, AK Adventures and Global Village Columns Editor/Writer: Ever since I was very little, my family and I would go to the Jersey shore every summer for vacation. One of my favorite summer memories is when we would spend the entire day at the beach, getting ice cream and pizza and riding the rollercoaster on the boardwalk. Those days were amazing, and I hope to carry the tradition and go to the Jersey shore for the rest of my life.

Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor: I celebrated my birthday last year on July 10. It was very fun hanging out with my friends.

Hridhima Tyagi, Money Smarts Editor: My most positive summer memory was spending time with my grandparents on my birthday, sharing stories, and also riding roller coasters with them!

Ashley Lin, Nonfiction Editor and Adult Spotlight Interviewer: I’ve always loved July, not only because it was my birthday or that it was when the state swimming championships were hosted. My grandparents, who normally live in Taiwan, come over to visit us in the summer. We always meet very awkwardly—after not seeing each other for so long, neither of us remembers the social expectation from such different cultures. It is during July when I am able to bond with my grandparents before they leave again; and I am left to remember them by the stories they’ve told me about their past.

Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kids from History Editor and Contributing Writer: One meaningful summer memory was last year when my family and I went to go pick blueberries on a blueberry farm. It was a great experience because the weather was nice, we got to bond, the blueberries were very fresh for days, and we made all sorts of great food.

Brandon Kuske, LOL Humor Column Editor: I vividly remember going out to the forest behind my house with a group of friends last summer. It wasn’t much—we just played around and talked—but it was extremely fun!Allison Stein, Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor