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Staff Q&A: What is your Favorite Winter Destination and Why?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Want to know a little more about the Youth Staff at Amazing Kids! Magazine? Check out our Q&A with some of the staff members; their responses to the question of the month are below!

Q: What is your Favorite Winter Destination and Why?

Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief: One of my favorite winter destinations is Lake Tahoe, California. Before the drought in California, they had fantastic snow skiing. Now, we have to really check the snow coverage before we make the trip there. In addition to skiing, the nice thing about Lake Tahoe is that we can sit by the fire as a family and roast marshmallows and talk. We also get to play family games in the evening. I really value the family time together.

Allison Stein, Assistant Editor and Poetry Editor: Although my favorite winter destination is not far away, the place is incredibly special to me: Going to my grandparents’ house and sledding down their hill evoke reminiscences of the treasured times of my past. From inventing traditions to sharing laughs, my family has created moments I will never forget. Each winter, I look forward to sledding at my family’s winter paradise – and making new memories to savor.

Catherine Cheng, AKOM Editor: Whenever it’s winter, I love to visit sunny places and the beaches. For me, winter is about relaxation and I relax best in warm weather. As a result, I throw off the coat and journey to rejuvenating tropical locations for fun.

Brandon Kuske, LOL Humor Column Editor: My favorite winter destination is right at home. I would rather simply sit by the fire with a book instead of traveling.

Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor: When I used to live in the United States, my family and I were active in skiing and snowboarding so every winter we would head up north to Whistler, Blackcomb, a ski resort near Vancouver, Canada.  To me, Whistler was (and still is!) one of my favorite places. Venturing through snow-covered hills, the excitement of navigating through rough terrains and zero visibility – those were what made Whistler magical to me.