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Staff Q&A: What makes you Move to the Beat?

By the Amazing Kids! Staff


Q: What makes you Move to the Beat? (or inspire you to be creative or join in something creative)

Ryan Traynor, Editor-in-Chief: Music, movies, books and theater inspire me with their words, music, and actions. They can change my mood and motivate me to write and act. Sometimes I take the things I see on the outside and relate them to feelings I have inside. In this way I can transform the things that make me “Move to the Beat” and make them my own in my writing and acting.

Allison Stein, Poetry Editor: I have always been extremely passionate about writing, and one of the biggest reasons is that words allow for creative expression. Through poetry, stories, and artwork, people can place emotions that are difficult to grasp within the reach of others. Words give me a voice, an opportunity to discover more about myself. I enjoy being involved with this magazine because it gives writers and artists a chance to realize their dreams of sharing this special creativity with each other.

Sharon Lin, Sci-Tech Column and AK from History Editor: I love writing! I blog on a daily basis, write for my school newspaper, submit poetry for adjudication, and compose music in my free time. I’m also a huge fan of indie rock, so I enjoy using Spotify to find new up-and-coming artists, as well as interesting songs to keep me awake while I’m working on my homework. My musical interests deviate beyond simply pop tunes, however, as I’m also a great fan of classical music. I play for my school’s symphonic band, and I also play piano, which works brilliantly as a de-stresser from the toils of life. Art and music are really one huge sector of my life, and while I have difficulty distinguishing between the two at times, I cannot imagine living without the creativity that they bring into my life.

Megan Weaver, Contributing Writer: I love photography. Going out in nature is always an awe-inspiring experience and being able to capture it through pictures is really fun to get creative with! You never know exactly what you’re going to end up with but, regardless, it’s the people you meet and the fun of it that I enjoy most.

Victoria Krylova, Nonfiction Editor: I like to bang my knees together and perhaps clap. If nobody is watching (which is rare), I dance around the room to the music.

Cathy Yan, Assistant Editor, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor: I do hip hop dancing, as well as play the violin. In addition, I enjoy watching musicals like Wicked, or just turning on the radio. Normally, what I listen to depends on the kind of mood I’m in. My favorite upbeat, happy songs are the ones by Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift.

Bassim Eledath, Contributing Writer: For me, different genres of music exude different dance moves. When I hear classical music, I make sure to close my eyes to pay attention to the various sounds that dance in my head. Hard rock or heavy metal music fills me with ebullient energy that often leads me to pull off some crazy dance moves.

Monica Gu, PR Correspondent: I’ve never liked spotlight performances, so I express myself through words, or visual art, or playing music in a band or ensemble. I played piano for years, but quit because I’d stumble at every recital, my palms sweaty and fingers shaking from being watched. I’ll always move more easily to the beat when eyes are on the work, not the person.

Brandon Kuske, LOL Column Editor: I think that playing an instrument is the best way to get music out. That way, you can create any beat that you want!

Catherine Cheng, AKOM Editor-in-Training: Music is definitely the one thing that never fails to inspire me. Songs, especially those with meaningful lyrics, compel me to sing along, dance, and sometimes even spark my desire to write. It’s no wonder people always say music communicates the things words cannot.

Salma Danuningrat, Writer’s Tips Editor: Music always seems to get me to move to the beat. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, and other times its the rhythm, but music makes me feel lighter and encourages me to let go. Even from a young age, music has made me feel happier.

Sehen Gamhewa, Contributing Writer: Music can always get me to move to the beat. Some lyrics are so moving, I just sing them again and again until I get tired of ’em. And at other times, it’s the tune that gets me attracted. And sometimes, both of them combine and they take me to a whole new world of emotions. But, it’s not only that…I play music too and this gets me into the beat as well. When I play the keyboard, the music just revolves around me. I draw really well, and I can color my art brightly too. I can also sing and imitate different types of accents.

Sarina Patel, Contributing Writer: I am inspired to move to the beat whenever I attend a musical— in fact, one of my favorite musicals is Wicked, a spinoff production that prequels The Wizard of Oz. It makes the audience consider whether Glinda is truly good or a self-centered superficial popular girl flouncing around in sparkly dresses— and whether people should judge Elphaba (the ‘wicked’ witch) because her skin is green. The soundtrack really influences the movie if you listen to the lyrics closely— for example, snappy tracks like ‘Popular’ tempt you to think about the hierarchy in school, and if good or evil really matters more than how you look to kids. Elphaba’s songs have catchy beats, complex piano arrangements, and empower students with self-confidence.

Haofei Liu, Spotlight Interviewer: Music always gets me to “move to the beat.” Whether it be a colorful and exciting dance song or a mellow love song, music moves my body to the beat and my heart to the beat too! Different songs inspire in me different moods and they oftentimes set the tempo for the rest of my day.

Other Staff Comments:

I love listening to indie band on Spotify after I finish my homework. It really gets me upbeat and energizes me when I need an extra boost. I also love watching Broadway musicals and Disney movies – Big Hero 6 is a personal favorite, and I absolutely love the soundtrack, as well! A lot of recently released animated movies have fantastic soundtracks, but I have a distinct taste for the eccentric, offbeat sort of music.

Watching others learn from their experiences inspires me to follow in their footsteps and participate in whatever activity they introduce me to.