Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Helping Hand

By Gabrielle Tollefsen, age 13, Ohio


When a calamity occurs, humanity often loses interest in the event after the devastation is over. An accident occurs and more people care about the number of lives lost compared to the help effort. We have to learn how important it is to always offer a helping hand to people when they need it most. Last summer, my mom taught me the  importance of this in everyday life when she helped a person in need.

I remember climbing into the car full of hot summer air and wondering why Mrs. Edelman, my friend’s mom, was sitting in the front seat. My mom and Mrs. Edelman weren’t close friends, just friendly, so I was surprised to see her. My mom told me Mrs. Edelman had gotten into a car crash and needed a ride home, accompanied by a look that said don’t ask. My mind was picturing a million scenes on the drive to Mrs. Edelman’s from the Bat Mitzvah I had just attended.

After we dropped her off, my mom let out a sigh of relief and began to tell the story. She spoke of the busy street corner outside of the temple where she had seen Mrs. Edelman standing obviously upset. She had totaled her brand new minivan because she was distracted and ran through a red light. Mrs. Edelman was teeming with anxiety and despair; her fragile body shook like a leaf even though it was a hot summer day.

“I got out of my car and walked up to her,” my mom said. “I helped her explain to the police what had happened and assisted her in contacting her insurance.” My mom was a kind person so I wasn’t surprised. “After the car had been towed, I took her to get some coffee and calm down. The cozy cafe and the aroma of freshly baked scones soothed her.”

Mrs. Edelman said she was in a predicament. Her husband was out of town and she needed to pick up her daughter and get a ride home. After my mom offered to give her a ride, she bombarded my mom with a million thank­yous and was quite relieved.

The car pulled into the driveway just as my mom finished the story. I thought about how grateful I’d be if someone stopped to help me in a similar situation. My mom had offered a kind hand in a time of need which is something I believe we should all do. The lesson I learned has become an important theme in my life: to always be kind and offer a helping hand.