Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Helping Hand

By Allison Stein, age 11, Michigan

Kayla Mausolf is a student who attends Wayne State University College of Nursing. Only forty-eight out of a thousand applications are accepted into the three-year program, so it’s highly competitive. Two years of prerequisites are required before a person can begin the nursing program.

Kayla’s dream to be a nurse is due to an experience she had while job shadowing in high school. Kayla was supposed to watch a doctor while he was working and learn from him. The doctor Kayla was supposed to shadow wasn’t there though, so Kayla shadowed the nurse instead. She found out a nurse spends the most time with the patient, and she got to like nursing so much she decided to make a career out of it.

Kayla’s favorite thing about nursing school is that the students actually get to help real patients, not just learn about helping them. She and her group of friends like really getting to know the patient. Kayla is a caring, determined nurse, and lots of her patients recognize her good qualities.

The most challenging thing about the nursing program for Kayla is studying. There always seems to be another test to study for or another assignment due, and she doesn’t have much free time to hang out with friends or do other things she really likes.

However, this downfall hasn’t stopped Kayla. She worked hard and studied every free minute in order to make it to nursing school. Her hard work really paid off, and Kayla can’t wait to be a real nurse someday and lend a helping hand to her patients!