Amazing Kids! Magazine

A New Adventure

By Elizabeth Bonnell, age 14, Ohio


I was on my way to school on a snowy morning. My dad was driving my sister and me in his minivan with the heat on full blast through Hyde Park, where our temporary school was located while our real school was being renovated. My dad pulled in front of the overwhelmingly large brick school, where we exchanged goodbyes. Then my sister and I headed off to our homeroom classes. I got to my small classroom and walked through the maze of light brown, wooden desks until I reached my best friend in the back. We talked and waited for the bell to ring before we would head down to the cafeteria for breakfast. Once the bell rang, everyone in the classroom raced over to the front door, and we stood in alphabetical order as we did every day while our teacher took attendance. Then we headed off to the cafeteria.

Earlier that morning, my mom had to drop something off at the front office and had usual friendly conversations with the office personnel that I was unaware of. As my class was walking into the cafeteria with the other fourth graders, the front office secretary, Mrs. Barb, saw me. We exchanged hellos, and she mentioned that my mom had dropped off a field trip permission slip for me and that she had talked with my mom earlier. Mrs. Barb said that my mom had discussed the matter of us moving soon. My mom and I hadn’t really talked about it, but I knew my mom hated the house we lived in and desperately wanted to move. I was unaware that it was final. So my response to Mrs. Barb was, “We are?” Of course, Mrs. Barb thought that my mom didn’t want me to know that there was a possibility that I was moving, so she immediately tried to cover for herself and change the topic. By then, most of my classmates had heard the news and were asking me about it when we were seated. My answer to everyone was that I didn’t know and had to talk to my mom.

The rest of the day, all I could think about was, What if we do move? What would happen to all of my friends? Would we bring our dog? Would I get my own room? Thousands of questions raced through my mind until finally school was over and my mom picked me up from the front. My sister and I raced to the white minivan and climbed in. My mom asked the usual after-school mom questions, such as “How was school? What did you learn? Do you have a lot of homework?” After my sister and I answered her questions, I didn’t just want to jump in and ask my mom if we were moving. I wanted to be subtle, but I was a fourth grader: I didn’t know how to be subtle. So I asked, “Mom, are we moving?”

She seemed a little shocked to hear that question right out of the blue. “I don’t know yet, Sweetheart,” she replied. I knew what that meant; the tone of her voice told me that it was definitely something she had been considering.

That was the last time we talked about it until one day when my mom told me that we were moving at the end of the school year. I was devastated and never wanted the school year to end because I couldn’t stand leaving my friends.

Eventually, the year ended, and on the last day I gave all of my friends huge hugs. Then I went to all of my teachers from the past years and thanked them for everything. Then I left. After that I went home. My mom had already started packing. She told my sister and me that we could play outside for as long as we wanted, so we played outside until dinnertime. We ate dinner, took the dog for a walk, and went to bed. A few days later, we started packing up our room and had a dreadful time doing it. It took us a little over a week before we finally finished packing, and once we did, we started helping my mom and dad pack up other parts of our house, too.

Over the next few weeks, we did lots of shopping and started to become less sad about the move. We all enjoyed doing fun things together as a family. Once we finally started to move, it became so fun. Our other family members came to help us put stuff in the U-Haul truck, and we found many good memories that we hadn’t looked at in forever. Eventually, we began the unloading process, which was also very fun. We got to decorate our rooms, and the whole process was very enjoyable. One night while we were unloading, we realized that it was about 11:30 at night. We didn’t want to go all the way back to our old house, so we decided that since we had tons of blankets and pillows in our car along with our dog, we were going to spend the night at our new home.

Even though we didn’t have any furniture or beds, we had a TV that we were going to get rid of, and my dad and brother ran up the street to Kroger to get a frozen pizza, water bottles, and some paper plates. My mom, my sister, and I attempted to set up the TV and DVD player but failed. When my dad got home, he set it up so that we could watch “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and fall asleep on blankets and pillows. That was the best night we ever had. We had so much fun sitting and watching a movie, telling stories, and laughing together. That night, I realized that this whole experience has made my family happier and closer together. I realized that leaving my friends and moving out of the house I lived in all of my life don’t matter. All that matters is that I’m with my family and we are all happy.

Over the rest of the summer, we spent our nights unpacking and shopping. The school year started about two weeks after we were entirely moved in. I was very nervous because for all of my life I went to the same school, and now I had to start over. I dreaded the fact of leaving all of my old friends behind and making new ones. Luckily, everyone at Terrace Park Elementary was very kind and welcoming, so I immediately made great friends. On the first day, I made friends even though I thought I wouldn’t, and I realized there wasn’t even a point in being nervous. I began hanging out with my friends after school as often as I could. I had sleepovers and went to school events and other functions with them. I was having so much fun and enjoying everything. I began to look forward to going to school to be with my new friends. I was so happy that we moved because my whole family was happier than ever. My home is with my family, and I am happiest wherever they are, so we can make new and happier memories—together.