Amazing Kids! Magazine

A New Friend

By Davi Jacobs, Contributing Writer


Today was a terrible day! In the morning, I slept through the alarm clock and missed the bus. Then, just as I entered the school in a rush, I realized that I forgot my science project at home! I went to my classes, and they were as boring as ever; and my science teacher yelled at me. During lunch, my friend was not here, and I sat all by myself. No one else accepted me except Angie, who was absent, to sit at the table. I looked around the cafeteria, and there was only one other person besides me who was sitting by herself—the new girl. The end-of-day bell rang, and I quickly went to my locker in a hurry to go home. Just as I was walking to my bus slot, the new girl ran past me and suddenly tripped and fell down. Her backpack spilled open, and her knee was bleeding. Seeing her there reminded me of how embarrassed I felt when I went to my dad’s work fair. I took a deep breath and swooped down alongside her to help.

“You don’t have to help me, you know,” the new girl said.

“I know, but I know what it’s like to trip and fall down in front of everybody,” I said.

The new girl smiled and introduced herself as Lily.

I introduced myself and put her binder into her backpack. I saw that her knee had a big scab, and I dug into my pocket since I always keep a band aid for emergencies.

I put it on Lily’s scab and helped her stand up. I noticed then that a group of people surrounded us. Someone started to clap in the back, and then others joined in. I looked around me and saw no one else, sure that they were clapping for someone else.

“They are clapping for you,” Lily told me.

People I have never spoken to were now patting me on the back and telling me what a nice person I am. It turns out that this day was not exactly terrible, and I gained a new friend just by doing something nice.