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By Angela Rivero, 8th grade, Kent, Washington


It all started when my mom and dad wanted a better education for me. My mom and brothers couldn’t come with to the United States with me because my mom didn’t have the required papers to come back to the United States. My dad wanted my mom to immigrate, but my mom said it was too dangerous, and they only sent me to live with my aunt. But it’s not the same living with people who are not your family. You get treated nice, but it’s still not the same as having your mom call you to come eat or to come and help her.

I miss those soft hands like cotton candy on my head when she used to braid my hair.

I miss that voice telling me what’s wrong and right. People think these kinds of things don’t happen, but the reality is that it happens all the time. You have to leave your family to come to a new place and get a better education because that’s what parents do. They find what’s best for you.

Think about it. Your mom and little brothers can’t be with you because they are in a different place. You miss them so much that you wish you could be with them and give them a BIG HUG like it’s the  last time you’re going to see them. On May 10th, which is Mother’s day, I saw everybody getting all kinds of things for their mothers. I felt really depressed because I didn’t have my mom with me to tell her HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and I LOVE YOU.

Mom: I appreciate all you and dad have sacrificed for us to have the best.

Mom: I appreciate all you and dad have tried to do to get us to be together again.

Mom: I appreciate you for not stopping thinking of us.

And I know we will be together soon as a family again.

Mom: I appreciate you and dad for everything you guys do and have made for us to get a better education and to start building my dream by becoming somebody in life.

Most of all, Mom: I appreciate you and dad for being my parents.

The hardest thing for me is not having my family. See how hard I worked to accomplish 8TH GRADE?


  1. lolita ayala /

    coooooool storry

  2. jasmin gasca /

    this relates to my life because sense my mother moved to Odessa and my sister too. I have seen them for three months and they are going to four months know. I really miss them a lot. their is a other story about my best friend too.

  3. lolita ayala /

    It is a awesome it got into my feelings.