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Are GM Foods A Good or Bad Idea?

By Pamela Suarez, California, 11


Have you ever heard of GM food? If you haven’t, GMF is food that is not organic, which means that it has chemicals that makes the food last a bit longer than organic food. GM food is a great idea providing that it can last longer and save you money, we can get healthier crops, and we can get more nutrients. Here’s why.

First of all, GMF is a good idea because it can last longer and you can save money. When foods last longer, it can save you money because you won’t buy food often. For example, when you ship food to other countries that are suffering of hunger, the GM food would last a long time on the airplane ride, and would be as good as the day you bought it when it gets to the other country. Do you want food that lasts about a month or longer? When you have GM food, the food would last longer and if the food lasts longer, you would be able to eat in a month and it would still be good as if it had just gotten out from the farm’s ground. Another good example of this would be in Source 4: GMO Foods Pros and Cons, it says that food that is GM would last longer on shelf. In other words, it would last long on store shelves and you can still eat it, even though it has been sitting on the shelf for like days or even months. This shows that GM foods are a good idea because it can last longer and save you money.

Another reason why GM foods are good is because we can get healthier crops. While some seeds that are not GM, they get eaten by pest, and insects, other seeds that are GM, don’t get eaten by pest, nor insects which means that we will get healthier crops. For instance, when the pest come and try to eat the farmers crops, it can scare the pests away from eating the crops because the GM seeds have something that the pests don’t like. It’s like bug spray that will scare away the pests/bugs, but doesn’t affect our food. Do you think that’s better? This proves that GM foods are good because we can get healthier crops.

Finally, GM foods are a good idea because we get more nutrients. When we get more nutrients, we can get healthier and stronger. As a case in point, when the scientists get seeds and take them to their lab, they can add more nutrients, and when the seeds grow, we can eat it and get healthier and stronger all because of more nutrients. Another good example of this comes from an article entitled “Benefits of GM Food.” It asserts that GM foods have better texture, better flavor, and more nutritional value. When food has nutritional things in it, you can eat it and become healthier and not get sick too often. Do you want to eat less nutrition and get sick? This demonstrates why GM foods are a good idea.

Some people think that GM foods are a bad idea. They argue that GM foods cause allergies. They also say that it cost too much money and doesn’t even leave good results.

However, in my judgement, these arguments are wrong. First of all, GM foods can cause allergies unless you are allergic to something that the GM food has inside of it. When you are allergic to something, you shouldn’t eat it. In addition, GM foods can be worth wasting the money because you may see good results when you eat a GM food. Don’t you want to do anything just to be healthy? While some non-GMO foods do nothing to make you healthy, GM foods have stuff to make you healthier and stronger.

In conclusion, maybe one day you can see why GM foods are good because they are actually good for your body and make a big difference in your health/body.