Amazing Kids! Magazine

“Augmented” Travel

By Isabella Taylor, Poetry Editor


Imagine traveling anywhere you want . . . . from your living room? Augmented reality travel can provide you with a close experience to the real thing! You can have a life like travel experience through augmented reality devices like high tech goggles. Virtual reality provides a simulated world but augmented reality is in real time ! This technology continues to radically improve. With augmented reality we can be integrated into real world environments enhanced by use of all our senses. Augmented reality allows us to be walking down a street in Paris or sitting on the beach in Cozumel. Today there are augmented reality apps that we can use on our phones in real time. There are eyeglass versions that use cameras in the real world and re display it for you. The future of travel  may be limitless. Imagine the ability to visit different countries and be immersed in their culture.