Amazing Kids! Magazine

Beyond The Training Wheels

By Stanley Kong, age 11, New York, United States


I never thought that the training wheels would come off my bike. Besides, who needed a two wheeler to fall from when I was already regularly falling off my four-wheeler? How would I ever rise to the achievement of riding without my training wheels? My dad however, had an eager hand and a wrench…

It was a dark summer afternoon; I was nine. My dad couldn’t stand seeing all the other third graders on two wheels while I was still on four.

It’s probably time my son learned to ride a two wheeled bicycle, he thought. With that, the training wheels came off and the lessons were on.

Lesson One: Get On The Bike

“So,” my dad exclaimed, “to get on the bike, go to the left side. With your foot, kick the left pedal back until the right pedal is in front of the left. Ok. Now, move your right foot over to the opposite side of your bike and sit down.”

Oh gosh, I thought. This is getting tricky already.

Nevertheless, I absorbed all of that and I felt proud to be sitting on a two-wheeler. However, I realized that I took both my feet off the ground. I suddenly lost my balance, but dad caught me in the nick of time.

“Whoa son, remember, this bike doesn’t have a kick-stand. Therefore, keep your left foot on the ground before taking off.”

With that, we were on to the next lesson.

Lesson Two: Start Moving The Bike

“Okay son, kick your left foot up and then, push the right pedal forward and you’ll start moving!”

I froze there, too scared to take off on my own. Dad held my bike to stabilize it. I followed my dad’s instructions and like magic, the bike took off. I was nervous: extremely afraid of falling off the bike. My heart was beating with alacrity. I wasn’t ready for my dad’s next lesson!

Lesson Three: Steer and Brake

“Slowly steer and turn with ease. Jerking the handle bars can cause the bike to tip and fall,” Dad said.

I steered the bike fastidiously, but soon I realized that steering was a piece of cake. Then, I realized that my dad had let go and I was riding freely! I was doing what I thought I would never be able to do! I was so…

“Son, car incoming!”

I was happily and dreamily riding in the middle of the road! I swerved to the right because my dad had told me to bike only on the right side of the road.

“Squeeze the triggers on the handle bars to grind to a halt,” my dad added.

Creak! I heard my bike scream to a stop. I had ridden a two-wheeled bicycle!

The lesson I learned and the moral of this story is that you don’t know if you can achieve something if you never try. The lesson didn’t sink in at that moment. However, I was about to be rewarded with ice cream!