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Birthday Disaster

By Karla Arredondo, age 11, San Pablo, California


It was a hot, sunny afternoon when my family and I were getting ready for a surprise birthday party. The party was taking place in Hercules. On our way to the car I felt like something was walking behind me. As I turned around, I noticed a Rottweiler puppy. Its grape-sized eyes sparkled like a thousand sapphires, and its fur was as dark as night. It wasn’t wearing a collar.

“Dad…mom….ooohhhh!  Look at the cute puppy! Can we take him with us to the party?” I asked.

“Fine, but just for the party,” they both responded.


“Why don’t you give it some food before we leave?” Dad asked.

“We don’t have dog food anymore.”

So we rushed to El Granero Pet Supplies Shop to buy a few cans of dog food. Although I searched for dog food like a hungry mama bear looking for fish, I couldn’t find any for its age. The puppy was three weeks old. “Done yet?” my mom asked.

“Mom, there is no dog food for its age,” I responded.

“Then we’ll just have to give it some sausages at the party.”

When we got to the party, I saw my cousin wearing a black dress with really tall high heels that my mom doesn’t let me wear. She was bothering and teasing me because I was wearing green shorts with a pink shirt, and sandals, since it was a hot day. I ignored her and started looking for some food for the puppy. My dad found some ham in his baloney sandwich.

He was about to give it to the puppy, but suddenly my cousin’s dog snatched it from his hand. I had two choices: I could let my cousin’s dog eat it, or I could take it away from her dog. I decided to let the dog eat it and go find another one, because if I took it away the dog might bite me. I also decided to tie up the puppy so that it wouldn’t get in a fight.

Unfortunately, my baby cousin Xavier untied the puppy and it became active. It knocked over the fan!

“Well there’s your surprise birthday party,” I said.

“Bad dog!” I yelled. The puppy was whining as if we were smacking it.

When we got home the dog fell asleep on my bed, leaving hairs all over the covers! I had to sleep with my brother Daniel in a small bed on the floor, which was not fair.

When the Rottweiler was one month old I figured out that it was a girl. We named her Messy – not after the soccer player, but because she made an enormous mess wherever she went.