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Bullying has Many Negative Effects on Its Victims

By Kylee Savage, Age 14, Michigan


Getting shoved into lockers at school, being the punch line of a joke, getting an insulting text message… as if bullying wasn’t bad enough, they also come with effects. Bullying has many negative effects on their victims such as, emotional pain, self harm, and bullycide. In a poll, conducted at my school, it has proven that 95 out of 130 8th graders have been bullied before. That means 73% of an 8th grade class could be getting verbally, physically, socially, or cyber bullied everyday! Imagine how many of those victims are suffering through the negative effects of bullying.

A very common negative effect from bullying is emotional pain. Emotional pain usually consists of self esteem/ self image problems, depression, and getting any emotional feeling that is bad. Self esteem/self image problems have to do when a person is feeling bad about themselves; being insecure or unconfident about themselves. Depression is a long lasting sadness, where you withdraw from others; states that 20% of teens develop depression due to bullying.

I took a poll of the 8th graders at my school, and results show that 65 of the 95 students getting bullied experience negative attitude changes while being bullied. They describe feeling sad, angry, useless, insecure, frustrated, etc. Emotional pain is terrible to go through and is a big negative effect from bullying.

Another negative bullying effect is self harm. Self harm is when a person is causing intentional harm to themselves. Most common self harms are cutting and developing an eating disorder. Cutting is when you cut yourself with a sharp object intentionally. It supposedly takes emotional pain away, and turns it into physical pain. states that, in 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males cut themselves because of bullying. Also, 90% of self harm are during teen years or younger. Eating disorders are a very common self harm linked to bullying. states that the most common cause of eating disorders is self consciousness of weight from bullying. Eight million Americans have an eating disorder; 1-200 have anorexia, 2-200 have bulimia, and only 1-10 get treatment. Self harm is a major negative effect of bullying.

The worst negative effect of bullying is bullycide. Bullycide is when someone commits suicide due to bullying. states that bullycide has increased 50% in the last 3 years, among adolescents. Making suicide the leading cause of death for 14 year olds and younger. recorded that 270 children (ages 10-14) committed bullycide in the past year. As you can tell, bullycide in an increasing problem that needs to stop. It is the worst, negative effect of bullying.

To me, bullying is a crime. No one should get shoved into lockers, be the punch line to someone’s joke, or get an insulting text message. No one should have to deal with bullying, and go through its negative effects. As if bulling wasn’t bad enough, bullying has many negative effects on their victims such as, emotional pain, self harm, and bullycide. I think the effects of bullying could possibly be worse than bullying itself. The only way to stop the effects, it to stop the bullying; I want bullying to end, and for the effect to end too.