Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Jonathan Tran, Age 13, Texas


Bullying was a tiny problem that could be fixed easily, but then it became a worldwide problem to kids, teenagers, and even adults. Bullying often results in low self-confidence and depression which are adverse effects of one being continually harassed by others.

Low self-confidence can make kids not want to go to school, which leads to make-up work, missing assignments, missed lessons, bad grades, then depression. For example, Rebecca Sedwick suffered cyber bullying and had low self-confidence from it. Rebecca couldn’t make any friends or join any social clubs without getting bullied and later she became depressed.

When kids get depressed they pull themselves away from other people and try to avoid them as much as they can. When Rebecca Sedwick became depressed, she skipped classes at school because she felt safe that she wouldn’t get bullied, but later it continued and she ended her life jumping off a silo.

In conclusion, bullying is more serious than what it used to be. Bullying affects kids, teenagers, and adults, which causes them to have low self-confidence and depression, and this problem needs to be fixed.