Amazing Kids! Magazine

Carrie Berry

By Veronica Sturman, Contributing Writer


The Civil War was a stressful time for children such as Carrie Berry. At age ten, she had to do very adult chores while she hid during the shelling of Atlanta. She captured her memories in her diary. Her diary entries were pretty short, but they give us a clear idea of what her life was like during the Civil War. First-hand accounts such as these help us understand what life was like for the average person during the past.

Carrie’s father gave her a diary to keep during the siege of Atlanta. She acted as the family historian. She describes the bombing of her house and hiding in the cellar. She talks about being scared and about nursing her sick sister. She describes her tenth birthday as being difficult. “But I did not have a cake times were too hard so I celebrated with ironing. I hope by my next birthday we will have peace in our land so that I can have a nice dinner.”

Carrie’s diary describes her feelings as well as the basic facts of her day-to-day life. She talks about feeling gloomy and feeling hopeful. She describes chores such as knitting and washing. She talks about outings to church, looking for her teacher and going back to school.

Carrie is an amazing child from history. She has given us the gift of her perspective and the understanding of a child’s life during the Civil War.