Amazing Kids! Magazine

Changing Lives

By Lauren Schmit, age 14, Ohio


Glancing up, I noticed a boy across the room that looked familiar to me. Looking back on memories like a Rolodex and clearing all the cobwebs, I remembered him from my church. This memory is still clear as day to me and it will never leave me. It’s sticking to me as if it’s a piece of bubble gum. He still looks exactly the same, like nothing happened. To some people it might seem as if he’s an average kid, but to me, he’s something bigger. I stood there remembering the first time I saw him…

I walked into my open-aired church knowing that I would never see these people ever again. Helping the homeless is one of my favorite things to volunteer for. Every time I help, I rewind my life and just think what my life would be if I was homeless. I wouldn’t have the life I have today. Doing this makes me want to help even more. I observed the area and to my right, on a table, was a sports-themed frosted cake. I started playing with the cutest innocent toddlers. They were filled with joy and happiness, even though they weren’t in the best situation. The kids were smiling ear to ear and laughing at the top of their lungs. That also make me happy. Then it was time for the perfect cake, just waiting to be eaten. We wished the happiest of “Happy Birthdays” to this boy named Devon. He was about my age; he had rosy embarrassed cheeks. All these people joyfully singing to him, helped to contribute to his red rosy cheeks. The cake was delicious, everyone inhaled it like a vacuum. After the cake, Devon opened his gift and it was a football, which every boy needs a football some time in their life. Then, Devon and the rest of the boys went to go play with the nice new football. Everyone went to go play again. I went outside to play on the swings with my new “friends”. “Push me, push me,” said the girls filled with enjoyment.

The beautiful sunny day was turning into a dark moonlit night. I could tell it was time to head home. I didn’t want to leave the bright-eyed, smiley and giggly kids. Those kids made me smile too. As I walked out with my family, we wished Devon one more “Happy Birthday”. I knew I would never see them again; it has never happened to me before.

As I stand there staring at Devon across the room, I was surprised at first to see him there. Then something came over me, a feeling that made me very proud of myself; I made a big impact on someone’s life. Just think – about a year ago, he was homeless with nowhere to live. Now, he’s out of the homeless group. I helped him in his toughest times, which made me overjoyed. I have made an impact on many things, but this one sticks out in my mind.


  1. south carolina fans /

    What a great article, your understanding of the hardships some people endure in life is commendable!! in adult life continue your concern for the downtrodden and the less fortunate, your benefit well be a joy in your heart that will make all your efforts worth while.

  2. Kerry B. /

    What a great story! It was well written and thoughtful. It’s wonderful to see a young person learn the value of volunteerism. No gesture is too small to someone that’s in need. Hats off to the author!