Amazing Kids! Magazine

Children Against Adults

By Aseal Alwasyi, age 12, California


There are many reasons that children think their parents are having fun. Adults don’t go to school, and for many reasons kids think not going to school would be wonderful.

Other reasons kids think this is that adults have their own car and money. Children don’t have any of that. They have to ask for stuff, and that is really boring to do.

Me? I will never beg. I will go find myself some babysitting job or something because I’m the kind of person who likes money in my pocket.

Another interesting aspect of why being an adult is fun is because you don’t do homework. Homework is what I hate the most. Although you may have a nice teacher, there’s still homework.

There’s so much homework! It feels like the people who run the school forgot to filter the work. The teacher just throws all the math books and paper on your desk just like you’re already in college.

But it is okay because when you go to high school, you will really need this homework. And really, the thing that you need the most is algebra. That is what we’re learning now. So, I want to thank my teacher and my parents for giving me this chance to learn. I appreciate it.

Maybe one day grown-ups and children will switch ages. Who knows?