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Creating an Easy and Unstressed Mind

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

An easy and unstressed mind is all that we need to start a new day fresh with full vigor and zest. Sometimes we get stressed out which leads to uneasiness causing our mood to get unpredictable and swing quite often. There could be numerous reasons for this stress: continuous reading, sitting in front of the computer for long durations etc. Overexerting your body results in fatigue which can have a direct effect on your mind such as losing your cool. We, as the younger generation, need constant energy so that we can strive to be the best in everything or at the least be as good as we can be! For that an unstressed mind is quite essential. It’s true that you are your own best competitor or rival. Each and every day we challenge ourselves, we set some decided goals for that day. And to achieve these targets we put in all the effort, shed sweat to overcome this challenge which we set up for ourselves.  The only thing that we need is the eagerness to accept our own challenges. But for that, an easy and unstressed mind is a must, because our mind is free from any sort of strain.

If we are walking or running, we are releasing energy. Even if we are sitting, our internal organs are still working. The main thing is that our mind is continuously at work from the start to the end of the day. So we often get strained because we are not giving adequate rest to our mind. Our mind also needs short or long breaks where it can regain freshness and help us to become mentally agile. That is why we are advised to take naps during noon time so that we can have a revived evening. During exams or tests, we all study continuously and soon get tired by flipping the pages of our voluminous textbooks. We as vivacious kids and teenagers have a lot to do.  After all, this is the age when we walk on the path of creativity. We all have great imaginations or dreams.  For that we arrange our imagination into a series of steps so that we can turn these dreams into realities.

There are many ways in which we can lessen the strain and stress on our minds:

  1. Drink a lot of water, it keep you hydrated all day long. Water is the best possible drink available on our planet!
  2. Take naps during noon time or short breaks if you are continuously working on something. (Also 8 hours of sleep during bedtime is very important)
  3. When it is summer, think about watermelons. It’s the best fruit for hydration, isn’t it?
  4. Lemonade is a great drink to rejuvenate and refresh your mind. Make it at home or grab a bottle from a nearby store…(nothing can beat the home-made version though!)
  5. When you get exhausted after continuously studying for exams, close your eyes and take deep breaths and, after some time, resume studying.
  6. When the weather is pleasant with cool winds blowing, go out for a walk – it will indeed enliven your mind and body.
  7. If you don’t know what is to be done and the deadlines, the confusion may lead to an uneasy mind. Prepare a timetable for the activities for the day so that everything goes smoothly and effectively.
  8. Allow yourself to take a rest if you are constantly working on the computer. Also, you can wear temporary or reading glasses, even if you do not have weak eyes, to avoid the radiation from computer or laptop screens and to avoid eye strain.

These were a few steps, but we can do a lot more to bring our mind at ease. To do anything successfully, the desire and determination to achieve what we want is required and we need to prepare our mind for the same. We can feel the difference when we have a tired mind or when we have a refreshed mind. Our hard work is appreciated when we work with our mind, body, heart and soul. If we rejuvenate and revitalize our minds when we need to, naturally our body, heart and soul get refreshed. This will not only result in the fulfillment of our goal but also accomplishing it with success. Easy mind, healthy you!