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Doing Well vs. Doing Good

By Natalia Sasiu, age 11, California   


Most of us have wondered what the differences between “Doing Well” and “Doing Good” really are. I will give you some examples and reasons. Have you ever wondered why most millionaires are miserable?

First of all, I’ll tell you about “Doing Well.” “Doing Well” is when you’re successful and giving effort. But you get paid a lot and don’t realize that if you are just thinking about money and not caring about the people who are around you, then you are just going to have a miserable life. It’s like if you are wealthy and have a good job that pays well, you might turn out to be like Maibon, where he had a wish but didn’t care about his family or the people surrounding him. Also like Scrooge—he felt like he didn’t need anybody to talk to him because he thought he was better than everybody around him.

On the other hand, “Doing Good” is when you’re trying your best and you’re putting in 100 percent effort. It would actually be better because you always are concerned about the people who are around you. You wouldn’t think about trying to be better than everybody else, and you would live a happy life. Also, you would be successful, and you could help other people who are in need and trying to be successful.

There are many people who want to be rich and famous when they’re older, but it’s not always that easy becoming famous and rich because you need to study hard and get good grades, which takes a lot of responsibility. But personally, I would want to become significant because I could help others who want to become successful and help others as well.

In conclusion, maybe one day people will not want to be rich and famous. Some people just want to be rich and get famous because they want to get a lot of attention. However, they might get the chance to change their ways and think about caring for others.