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Elementary Friend

By Wesley Adams, Ohio


The classroom air was swept around the room in a gentle breeze. Students shuffled into their seats in a normal fashion. Mr B is sitting in his creaky student-made director’s chair, as usual, gazing over the small class with a smile on his face. His kind, easygoing type of a personality and his wisdom, paired together, had great effects on me.

School for me in the 5th and 6th grade was all about goofing off and having fun. Class was a breeze, grades didn’t really matter. Recess is what I waited for, even though the class was a playroom. I would repeatedly get in trouble, and thought it was funny when I did.

Over time, class after class, I would begin thinking. Not because I made that decision on my own, but because I was wanted to. Somebody wanted me to. That person made me aspire to be a better person – made me want to be better. One day, he sat down with me, not to punish me but to talk to me. His smooth voice paired with his kind heart was all I needed to be a better student. No punishment, just positive reinforcement

At the time, I thought school was too hard and it wasn’t right for me. It felt like I would always get left behind in math and language arts. Cerebral thinking wasn’t my thing. I would always feel like I was dumb, so I acted out in unpleasant and bad ways.  I needed to change, I just didn’t know how.

When Mr B was teaching me, I never realized it, but he always made sure I always understood what he was teaching me. “Look here, Wes” he would say to me is his caring voice. We would go over tests, keep me in for Math Enrichment, and always help me with my homework. He would praise students who gave their best effort, always no matter what their grade was.

All in all, I have been shaped up and let out into the world. Now here I am at the end of the year, all refined into a person who looks out for others and carries on what Mr B has taught me and others through his incredible teaching career at Mariemont Elementary.

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